JC (31 Aug 2011)
"How you should prepare"

John:  I have been asking the Lord why I have been stocking up on things and if it was for me or for someone else.  Today, from one of my favorite websites stevequayle.com, I received this message.  I have been stocking up on gold, silver, guns, gasoline, generators, tons of ammunition, energy efficient scooters, food, crossbows, all different types of emergency supplies, vitamins, a ton of food, wine(600 bottles!!),propane, camping stoves, gas masks, you name it I have it. I even wrote a paper on how to access all my gold, sliver, safes, everything and placed the paper where it could be easily found!!!!
How crazy is this???????????????
Word Of Encouragement To The Body From A Brother Who Locked Himself Away With Jesus And Sought the Lord

August 30, 2011

Regarding what I have been told, surely the following is similar to what you and others are told by the Spirit of the Lord.
The voice or message I feel in my gut is one of pure love from Him and the message is this:

“My child, oh how I do love you and all of my children. For my children do know my voice and there are too few who know what you have discerned by having your ears open and do indeed hear. Know that your mission is to encourage with love and warning for those who I have placed in your small part of the world that they must come to me and abide under my wings of protection. For in just a few moments those who are not under my wings of protection and my umbrella of blessing shall suffer great loss. For the masses of unbelievers and the masses of the lukewarm shall feel heat from the beginnings of judgments. The heat shall burn some to incineration and others it shall singe their hair. I have heard your repeating question regarding how should you prepare. I have answered to him who prays this prayer how to prepare by spending time with me. We must have an honest and open relationship of communion between our spirits. I freely share mine with those who wish to receive me. The answer to your question regarding physical preparation is one that should be obvious to those who know me and my nature. Yes there are those who I have blessed with finances who are instructed to prepare by stocking their warehouses and storage rooms. I am using these obedient children for a special purpose which is different from vessel to vessel who are obeying what I am putting in their heart. Though many are confused and I will correct them in a loving way. For the stocking of food and water will be used in some areas as a zone of safety where many will be saved because my spirit will be there beckoning each one to come close to me and to receive me into their hearts. This will be their last chance before the serious judgments begin to fall. The judgments so far are only the sound of my keys jingling as the key approaches the lock which contains each judgment of bowls and vials.

Others who are stocking with foods and water have completely missed their first love and are indeed stocking for the days when they shall need these items to survive my judgments. They each shall also receive one last opportunity where I knock on their hearts door and leave these provisions behind and come join those under my wing and umbrella of protection. And finally yes my child, there are those who I instruct to prepare such as you. Those who prepare and know that it is not for yourselves that you prepare. For many of you are already under my wing and that which you prepare shall be reserved for those whom I guide to your storage place in the midst of my holy judgment during the Great Tribulation.

Many shall wash their robes during the Tribulation and I will answer their prayers. Many I will guide to where you have stored these provisions and you will receive a tremendous blessing for your obedience now. To those who are obedient I will supernaturally meet their needs. They will not need these provisions as I will heal my children who are obedient now, I will keep them from hunger and thirst, I will prepare for them a feast. To each man I will judge righteously and not unfairly. If you have instructions to stock up then do so. And pray without ceasing that you may be counted worthy to escape the judgments and feast at my table. For my dear child, you gave me food when I was hungry, you gave me drink when I thirst, you came to me in prison and supported me with encouragement, for I was in need of clothing and you clothed me. Oh you blessed who have a sensitive heart to hear my voice. Your obedience will be rewarded. Yes prepare, prepare your hearts for what comes even for my very elect. To be in the presence of the Lord is a fearful event. For your life shall pass through my divine fire and only what is righteous and pure and holy shall endure the flame of my righteousness. Behold I come quickly and blessed are you who see the signs. For when I came as a lamb for slaughter even the Pharisees were not obedient to the signs I had promised. The signs you have now are so prevalent that there shall be no excuse for any man to say that they did not know that my return was near. For my return which is much sooner than you may think shall be a return not as a lamb for slaughter but as a righteous and Holy King. For I will rule the world with a rod of iron and show mankind what life should have been like had Adam and Eve had not sinned. Prepare right now to be in my presence for indeed soon you shall be.

Peace in Christ