Nansings (21 Apr 2024)
"Reply to:  Denis Hart (14 Apr 2024) "Total Solar Eclipse Ė Warning of Imminence???!!!""

Thank you for taking time to share your prophecy thoughts with us.  
You stated:  ".. this eclipse may also herald a time of JUDGMENT AND REVIVAL!!"
I agree about the judgment, however, in January 2010, Jesus told Maurice Sklar, a Christian world class violinist, that the revival comes after the Rapture.  Here's what Jesus said about it:
ďNot all of My people will be ready when I sound the shofar of My appearing in the air.  In fact, half of those that profess belief in Me will be left behind, as it is written in the parable of the wise and foolish virgins.  I am coming for those that are prepared and awaiting My return.  But, I am not leaving the Earth without a strong witness of my grace, My presence and My glory.  In fact, Iíve allowed some to choose whether they want to stay to be a part of the greatest revival and harvest of all of history or to go on before to My Wedding Supper But, it is not My best for them.  I do not want to see them suffer.  It will be the worst time in all of history.

    Remember, it is only by FAITH that you will escape these things coming upon the Earth shortly.  If you donít BELIEVE I am coming for you to take you out before the coming wrath is poured out upon the Earth, I have no obligation to do so.  But, remember, all those that will be left behind will be killed for their stand for Me.  Many will not stand for Me in that hour and will lose their souls when the persecution heats up against them.  That is because they were never really Mine in the first place.  But also many champions for Me shall arise and not compromise during the time of Jacobís Trouble.  I will arise and protect those that will stand for Me then until their works are finished and then they shall all give their lives for Me and the truth of My Gospel. 

     I have already separated My Bride from the Laodicean church.  I have warned the church over and over.  Time is running out fast!  Get into the ark of safety!  Flee from the love of sin, the flesh and the world before it is too late!  Do not look back upon Sodom like Lotís wife.  Flee the city of destruction!  Flee from the wrath to come!  Come into My secret place!  The doors are closing soon.  Embrace the truth of My promise that I have not appointed you for wrath, but to obtain My salvation and to be a part of My Bride.  Blessed and holy are those that obtain this first resurrection.  Amen.  I am coming for those who love Me; My soon Appearing in the sky; My Wedding and My Glorious Supper.  I am coming for those that love Heaven and the coming Kingdom more than they love the passing pleasures of sin upon this present Earth.  DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY FALSE TEACHING THAT ROBS YOU OF THE BLESSED HOPE OF MY COMING!  I am the Great King and Bridegroom!  Keep your lamps burning brightly!  The midnight hour is here!Ē