Chance (2 Apr 2023)
"The Vaccine Damage Project - Human Cost"

Hello John and Doves,
Edward Dowd released the latest data for calculating Covid-19 "vaccine" damage using the following report:
The report is - Phinance Technologies - Humanity Projects  Update Date:  March - 2023:  The Vaccine Damage Project - Human Cost.
In this project they first looked at "the direct impact from the mass Covid-19 inoculations on individuals at a population level."  They identified 4 broad groups:  those with no effect/asymptomatic; those with mild to moderate outcome - temporary short-term or long-term or permanent injury; those with severe outcome resulting in disability; and those with the extreme outcome leading to death.  They note that some asymptomatic individuals could still end up in groups 2 - 4. (For example, seemingly health athletes dying during a sports event of a heart attack)  And individuals in groups 2 and 3 could end up in group 4.  Etc.
They found that in the 16 - 64 employed aged group of 148 million people -
The first group was 'no effect', about 81% of the population.
The second group was 'injuries', about 18% (an estimated 26.2 million individuals were in this group with a 50% increase in lost worktime rates from 2019 to 2022; a 28.6% increase in absence rates)
The third group was 'disabilities', about 0.93% (estimated 1.36 million individuals were in this group; a 24.6% rise in disabilities since 2021.)
The fourth group was 'excess death's of 0.05% - 0.1% (aged 25-64); an estimated 310,000 excess deaths;  a 23% excess mortality relative to the expected baseline.
Dowd went further to report the estimatedhuman cost and the estimated  economic cost for 2022:
Estimated human cost:  26.6 million injuries; 1.36 million disabilities; 300k excess deaths
Estimated Economic Cost:  Total $146.8 Billion; $89.9 Billion for injuries; $52.2 Billion for disabilities; $5.6 Billion for excess deaths.
Edward Dowd wrote:
"Pfizer & Moderna in 2022 had combined C-19 vaccine revenues in US of $11.5 billion so for every $1 dollar they made it cost the US economy $13 dollars...Largest crime scene in history.  Multiply this across the globe. Numbers conservative."
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!