Kurt S (25 Apr 2021)
"DNA reprogramming and human cell exploitation."


This is a  video and transcript of technology that exists now and could be (probably is) being used in the various Co-Vid vaccines. It is a repeat of what I sent last week, except you don't have to watch a 55 minute video lecture.
Although it is worth your time to listen to the lecture/ presentation.
This means that the CV-19 JABS can contain all the technology that you will hear in this video and it is CHILLING what that same technology can do when they are primed to target and attack!!! Such is the level of accuracy of this technology that miniature nanobots about the size of dust particles can be programmed to attack any portion of the body to deliver a payload or virus directly into the bloodstream, organs, brain, eyes etc. The reprogrammed DNA cells can also lie dormant in whichever portion of the body it has been directed to and can remain there undetected until the appropriate electronic signal is delivered to re-activate it.
Kurt S.