Fay (25 Apr 2021)
"Suspicious? Off the Charts!"


Here in the UK, we have a huge amount of Indian nationals travelling back and forth. India is part of the UK's make-up. Think colonial times - way too much to get into here. But - from the very beginning of the Covid crisis in March 2020 - India seemed to glide on by. HOW COME they are suddenly stricken with this humongous wave of so-called Covid-19 virus? I ask with tears in my eyes (sarcasm due to extreme scepticism).

I do not claim to be a savant or a prophet, but I feel this is a harbinger of things yet to come upon this world. Almighty God is allowing it because humanity needs to be woken up. I only question when we true believers will be released from witnessing - and living with - this crazy period of humanity. It's not a bad question. How long before our Lord Jesus comes to snatch us away? As a watchman, I scour the news every day. As a consequence, I have seen Kim Kardashion's huge, exposed buttocks far too many times to mention. Seriously? Once seen, you can't unsee them. I have seen people making money out of the most trifling of things. Corrupt politicians aplenty. Ridiculous, childish politicians who are meant to be the adults. We are sick of it all.

It's my suspicion that this Indian wave of lethal Covid will spread into further lockdowns and fear mongering. It ain't over.


Please come, LORD Jesus.