1 Cor 10:31 (25 Apr 2021)
"Trumpet soon to sound??"

By 1 Cor 10:31  NOTE TO YOU JOHN:  “good to go” with this article!!  The other ones I’d sent last week & then asked you to not publish after all -- I will resend AFTER tweaking to some degree.  I’ll pray first & see if I should send them at all.  THANK YOU!!  ###



Folks, is it all about to WRAP UP???  Look, I’m not “predicting” an exact date here!!  I’m merely pointing out an astute observation.


Is The Church Age of grace about to come to an abrupt & final end?  The final days – literally, the last moments of the last days – before The Tribulation begins?  [rapture FIRST!!]


What I refer to is:   the timing is IMPECCABLE that Ascension Day falls on May 13-14 of this year.   Know what else is slated to happen on those dates??


THE GREAT RESET in Singapore!!!!!!!  Scheduled from May 13 – 15th!!!


INCREDIBLE time, wouldn’t you say??


Makes us wonder if satan and his demons can actually see the Holy Angels putting the last of the silverware on the table!!!  Maybe waiting only for the salt & pepper shakers!!


Our last minute assignments:



  • WHITE (washed in the blood of the Lamb!)  robes ON!!!!
  • Abide in THEE VINE!!  Not “part of the time” but always!!
  • Cross taken up DAILY!!
  • Feed shod with the gospel of peace, willingly to share the Good News in and out of season as directed by the Holy Spirit
  • All the rest of our Spiritual armor ON!!  At all times!
  • Pray for all God’s people everywhere  [Ephesians 6:18]
  • Show up for daily foot washing!!  (get grime/dirt of the world OFF by repenting)
  • Live in peace & holiness
  • Trust in Him & cling to Him no matter what happens
  • Pray FOR our enemies (not “about” them… /smile!  Well, 2nd thought: RE: Psalms, I’m sure it’s okay to pray about them, too!)
  • Stay awake with lamps burning brightly!!
  • Do not flirt with or be a friend with the world!!
  • Cast down all thoughts which are against God; RENEW mind!!
  • Jesus is at the door & about to step over that threshold!!
  • Love Him more than anyone or anything.  Then ask for help loving others.
  • Be watchful!  Pray always!