Jean Stepnoski (28 Apr 2019)
"Pentecost (Shavuot) Bride & Ecclesia: 7 Lamps, 7 Ecclesia. and 7 Feasts of the Lord"

   We see Scriptural connections with the number 7: 7 Lamps on the Menorah, 7 Ecclesia  (Congregations of Faith), and 7 Feasts of the Lord. What does the phrase mean in The Book of Revelation that the Messiah is "standing in the midst of the menorah" in the midst of the 7 Lamps. He is the center of the 7, the middle Lamp, the Servant Lamp. The number 4 Lamp in the original divine menorah design had a container of olive oil beneath it to feed all 7 lamps. The number 4 Servant Lamp, The Messiah Lamp, is also linked to number 4 Feast of the Lord at Pentecost (Shavuot).
   This is Day 50, the Grand Finale and Conclusion of The Counting of the Omer. Pentecost is THE ONLY FEAST with a commanded period of counting up the days before it. The only Torah commanded PREPARATION PERIOD OF THE WHOLE YEAR! WOW. The period is 7x7 plus 1! There are 2 Great Pentecost Anniversaries: The Giving and Accepting of the 10 Commandment Wedding Vows and the other of the 613 Torah Mitzvoh in the times of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam which we learn in the Book of Exodus. The Second Great Pentecost Anniversary dates to 10 days after the Ascension. The Book of Acts tells us stories of miracles, signs, and wonders unfolding on that amazing day. This was the day for the Beginning of THE INDWELLING of The Spirit of Truth in the early followers of The Way, the Bride of Messiah and Ecclesia begun in fearless and vibrant Eternal Life! This was a true Spiritual Sea Change Event for the 120 disciples plus another 3000 individuals transformed. Earlier, at the First Passover, the closest friends to the Messiah drank from the Cup 3 of the First Passover Seder, The Cup of Redemption. His words "this is the cup of my blood" were the ancient words of the Jewish Wedding Proposal. The friends agreed to be His bride. The bride price was set at Gethsemane and the bride price paid in full in The Atonement at Golgatha. However. The Bride was set apart by THE INDWELLING by the 9 Fruit of the Spirit on that Great Pentecost (Shavuot). With "the bringing in of the fullness of the Gentiles" to conclusion, the Bride Class with be complete. Then. Resurrection and Eternity.

   Yes, the Spiritual Year of Israel begins on Nisan 1 for the Counting of Months. Yes, the King's Year (Regnal Year) begins on Tishri 1 for the Counting of Years. Look to a 3rd cycle begun each year on Pentecost. The Anniversary of The Bride in Messiah, the Eternal Ecclesia Body as symbolized in the 7 Ecclesia at Asia Minor. Sivan 6 is part of the ongoing Pentecost cycle. On the 360 days cycle on the annual Torah Calendar, the cycles begin, unfold and then renew. These are like cycles of circles of 360 degrees. Messiah is the beginning and the ending and all within these cycles. He is the agent of continuity in the Nisan 1, Pentecost (Shavuot), and Tishri 1 premiere cycle events annually renewing.

   Will there be a 3rd Day, Day 3 Great Pentecost (Shavuot) soon in 2019 on 5-11 to 12? A 3rd Day of miracles, signs, and wonders to join the 2 before? This will also be a 3rd day backward, like reading Hebrew, from the 5-14 Anniversary 71 when Israel again declared itself a nation in 1948. All of The Messiah's Bride of the Ages will be transformed in Resurrection on The Day of The Blessed Hope. Perhaps in 2019? At Pentecost (Shavuot)t on 5-11 to 12? The Omer Count increases each blessed day for those with eager anticipation of the Joy of Pentecost in past, in present, and in future. We shall see...

With Love and Shalom,