Jean Stepnoski (28 Apr 2019)
"The Goodman of His House: PREPARE and WATCH SOONER or LATER"


   The Messiah has Promised to come "at a time you think not" for His Bride, Family, The Eternally Redeemed. A major truth. Paul assures that some will correctly ascertain The Season of His Coming. Within that special Season will be the Day and the Hour of The Blessed Hope. Paul called it The First Resurrection and advised believers to be part of it. Also, let no one deprive you of your crown. The key concepts of Preparation and Watching, Sooner or Later,  are especially significant in 2019. Why? There are multiple calendars to follow: Hallel or Torah or Church or Gregorian. Only one is most correct, especially if The Blessed Hope will be in 2019. The true or the false. Only one of the 4 will not deceive. Has the Messiah told us a story to pertain to the Season, The Day, and the Hour of The Blessed Hope? Consider His words in His story. The Goodman of His House.

   The Goodman, the Master, of His House intended to Prepare at the proper time and WATCH for the arrival of the thief in the night. The one to take away the treasures of the house, the children. But he is spiritually deceived, he gets the timing off. WRONG! The Master of His House intended to Prepare and Watch for the thief LATER. But the thief arrives SOONER than expected rather than later. The Watchman does a botch job. THIS is His grave and tragic error. What are some spiritual dimensions of the Master's Words?  TRUTH! WATCH for ME SOONER, not LATER as you approach The Season. How does the Messiah's message and wisdom apply to 2019? According to the Torah Calendar (Creation Calendar) Pentecost (Shavuot) will be 5-11 to 12. Not LATER on Church, Hillel, or Gregorian Calendars. Other dates mentioned at five doves are 5-22 or 6-9.

   To be sure, Abba Father will send His ever living son the Messiah, at the correct Season, Day, and Hour. Preparing too Late will not help. Please consider the Sooner rather than the Later! If we are like the Goodman of His House, the spiritually time deceived Watchman, we too will wait too long to Prepare and Watch! What if we DO NOT HAVE the luxury of more time before The Blessed Hope? What is we do not have time until 5-22 or 6-9? A wise Watchman will prepare and watch for The Captain of our Souls SOONER rather than Later in 2019. Sooner for The Season, Day, and Hour of Pentecost (Shavuot) will be 5-11 to 12. This will be a 3rd Day, 3 days before Anniversary 71 of Israel declaring itself to be a nation again on 5-14-1948. We shall see if The Season, and Day, and Hour approaches in 2019, SOONER not LATER! Some Goodmen and Goodwomen of their Houses will be correct and wise, in their timely PREPARATION and  WATCHING, as The Season approaches. Everyone shall know soon if it will be The Season of Pentecost 2019, 5-11 to 12. Come quickly. Lord...

With Love and Shalom,