Fay (28 Apr 2019)
"The Obvious Dichotomy"

I am posting this link to emphasise my point. How....I mean HOW, do the powers-that-be sell us Islam us a beautiful religion of  peace and love - making "Islamophobia" a legal offence? Practised only by by"far right Nazi types" and ignorant buffoons. The powers-that-be defend Islam to the hilt. At the same time - the PTB push the gay agenda. Making it illegal to even speak in a vaguely anti homosexual way. They push and push and push the homosexual agenda....AND the "Islam is beautiful" agenda.

How do they marry the fact that the religion of peace, love and beauty has homosexuality listed as an offence, punishable by death, under Sharia law? Man....the powers-that-be have a low opinion of our basic intelligence! This world is seriously messed up. 

PLEASE come, LORD Jesus.