Fay (28 Apr 2019)
"Weird Predictive Programming"

Hi John and Doves,

I have come across quite a few YT clips showing the Notre Dame spire toppling during the recent fire and the church spire toppling in the I Pet Goat 2 video clip. In the I Pet Goat clip, the church spire falls soon after the "Christ" figure emerges from a deep cavern. Watching the footage of the falling Notre Dame spire, side by side with the I Pet Goat video, is, frankly, uncanny. It's almost a replica of what happened in real life. The clip in the link below, shows the two events and it's horrifyingly exact. The clip is only 1.5 minutes. Very short.

I found the media reports about the Holy relics that were saved out of Notre Dame, very peculiar. One being the Crown of Thorns. I posted pictures of this last week. The media made a huge deal out of the saving of these relics. The fact that the statues of the apostles were removed prior to the fire (for "cleaning") is mere "coincidence" - according to the media bilge. The saving of the other relics was built up as "heroic" by the media. With a human chain being formed and the chaplain of the fire fighters association being the biggest hero of all. This chaplain apparently, was very brave.. But - let's focus on the Crown of Thorns that was rescued and removed from Notre Dame. In the I Pet Goat video, the Christ figure is wearing a crown of thorns - which disappears off his forehead moments before the cathedral behind him collapses. That is not shown in the clip below but all you have to do is watch that segment of I Pet Goat 2 and you will see it for yourselves.

Call me crazy but I find this monumentally strange. Too close to the facts to be mere coincidence. It got me thinking about the Illuminati card game that predicted everything from 9/11, the burning of the Pentagon, the Boston Marathon, the rise of the divisive flat earth theorists etc., etc. Then we have the Simpsons and their weird penchant for predicting the future. Too, too much stuff that cannot be explained away. It must be powerfully satanic as the accuracy of these things happening is bizarrely precise. It makes my head hurt trying to figure out what it all means.

Going by the I Pet Goat movie - the end is nigh. Shortly after the cathedral collapses, we see the Egyptian pyramids and the sun rising in the East. The Christ figure watches as meteors soar through the sky - some of them destroying the pyramids. That's the end of the movie. Are we to expect a meteor strike before our LORD returns? As our own Jean Stepnoski always says....we shall see.