TH (30 Apr 2017)


         Does JESUS.....K N O W ....You ?  Not just "know" you because HE is "All Knowing" as HE is GOD, but KNOWS you PERSONALLY as a Friend. You and HE have
a day to day Relationship.  Like a husband and wife have.  Can you honestly say that
YES....I DO have that kind of Relationship with HIM ?  AND...if you do, do you OBEY other you live your daily life in accordance with HIS WORDS you
HEAR HIM say to you in your DAILY conversations with HIM ?  Of course you have to
HEAR HIS VOICE in order to do this. Obeying, in this context is NOT strictly following
the Scripture as to all HIS TEACHINGS....that would be impossible for us to do as we
are Sinners..but HE knows this, and has Forgiven us this short-coming. HE FORGIVES
us of our Sins, past, present, and future.  We are helpless, but NOT HOPELESS.  HE
is our HOPE. But what HE asks us to do, is to "seek my voice" and put on HIS YOKE.
THAT...we CAN do...and then start living our Lives according to HIS WORDS to us
as our Living Friend and Life Coach.  HE said, HE would NOT give us anything we
couldn't handle.  Yes, there will be "trials" and "tests",  but they would be for our
ultimate Good, and would strengthen our Faith in HIM and draw us Closer to HIM as a
Result. And that we would come to know HIM (and HE us) more and more and our
Love for HIM increase as a result.  It is HIS WISH that we do this.....HE must have a
GOOD Reason for asking us to do this. I for one believe in HIS word on this and can
testify to the TRUTH and Benefit thereof. Some may argue that this concept of
understanding, is of, is of OBEDIENCE.  IF, they want to call "obedience"
Works, so be it.  I'll GLADLY "do" (work) what HE TELLS me to do and I will not suffer
semantic fools, as they themselves, will suffer enough. The Harvesters are Few.
 But they need to be "trained" in following orders. Where do you think that begins?
       Time IS short, but you can still enlist.  Seek HIS VOICE....and start learning.
     HE is NOT going to SEAL anybody HE doesn't KNOW and hasn't been Trained.

                                              MARANATHA !

                                                        T H