Jean Stepnoski (30 Apr 2017)
"Who is Redeemer and Lord? Christ or Paul?"


   For those who prefer to quote Paul rather than Christ, the question is why. Since Constantine the Great and the spiritual sea change of his Edicts of Constantine, has Paul and "Pauline Theology" replaced Christ? NO. Christ is the personal Savior, the Redeemer of humankind. Not Paul. Christ forgives sins, raises the dead and it the hell-block. Not Paul. Christ is the premiere teacher, the Last and Greatest of the Prophets, and the Groom of grooms. Not Paul. Christ shall be King, High Priest, and Judge. Not Paul. Paul is brother-in-Christ. Not Redeemer. Not worthy of worship. Christ's sinless life and atoning death and resurrection are the focus. His words are more important than Paul's. Paul saves no one. He is not the Son of Man and the Son of God. Christ Saves. Christ is Lord.
   Paul has had his words taken out of context for 20 centuries. Those in Christ are not under the CONDEMNATION of the Mosaic Law. Torah from the Hebrew relates to "your instructions." Do true followers of Father, Son, and Spirit have no instructions for choices for righteous and wise living? There are rules, 10 absolute Commandments. Or else? Be "workers of iniquity" who make choices for license, to continue to sin with no heed for instructions, rules, commandments. CHRIST FORGIVES. And we must abandon sins. REPENT AND OBEY! Christ is more important than any other person, past, present or future. Christ Saves. Christ is Lord.
With Love and Shalom,