Gino (30 Apr 2017)
"RE: TH: 04.23.17: Forgiveness"

    I've thought the same way that you wrote that letter.
When it comes to us forgiving someone else, I still agree with what you wrote:

    "Obviously they MUST ASK to be Forgiven in order to BE Forgiven."

The LORD also wants us to repent and ask him to forgive us.
The only thing that I could never get my head around is the following:
While Jesus was suffering for our sins on the cross, and being rejected and reviled, he said:

Luke 23:34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

That one line stands out different.
I can't imagine that the Father ignored that prayer request of his Son.
Was he asking for "future" forgiveness for those who would ask for it in the future?
Or was he asking forgiveness for the whole lot of them?
If he hadn't prayed that, would the Father have consumed them all like Sodom?
Or was the answer to that prayer still to come?
How many of those, standing around the cross, over the next 40 years, heard and believed the gospel??
I don't for sure what Jesus is asking forgiveness for them for.
I also don't know for sure how the Father answered that prayer request of his Son.
All I know is that one line of scripture is very different.