Frank Molver (30 Apr 2017)
"Recent Nicole Poon from Hong Kong prophetic drawings, Hand of Jesus, N. Korea, Bear,"

Nicole Poon
It's been a long time since the last sharing.Miss you!

God never cease giving visions during these years.Most of them are personal encouragement.Two of my cats have passed away one by one in Sept 2016 and Mar 2017.It was really a hard time.They are 19 yrs old.I have had 8 cats even I started having visions from God.And now have only one cat left.He will be 20 this month.

Today I would like to share with you the latest visions because I think they should be make known.

I'd like to share more about the vision that Jesus' hand was nailed.God revealed that His hand was in a great pain.He bent his fingers tightly but the two fingers could not do that because of the nail.This is the victorious sign of Jesus.You may find a special significance of that. We never thought about and heard about and seen this before.We were so surprise to get this.

07 Apr 2017
The Lord showed what was actually happening to the hand of Jesus when His hand was nailed. God's eye was tearing up.

13 Apr 2017
Jesus now is still praying urgently just like in Gethsemane for the wars.
As I look at this I see the outline of China and Australia. A bomb hitting N. Korea. Ships in the area and missiles coming from Submarines. This was drawn before the U.S. fleet was sent there. [frank molver comment]  I recall a drawing of Jesus praying over  what appeared to me to be Trump Tower long before he was actually running for president.

14 Apr 2017
The Lord showed a bear's foot leaving its foot print. With words "If bear comes, would leave footprint."

Indeed Russia has been making footprints [fm comment]

14 Apr 2017
The Lord showed a toy bear was left. Two kids were holding their favourite toys, candy, fireworks and going away. With words, "Is there any more ... fun else?"

Not sure what this means [fm]