Fay (30 Apr 2017)
"Gender Bender"

Oh, my days! What nonsense. I'm still waiting for some brilliant child to stand up and shout that the Emperor really doesn't have any clothes and is, in fact, buck naked! I also wish this brilliant child would add that it's SO not a pretty sight and could we all just go home now, please? Fact: the majority of us are born male or female. That there are a few genuine biological mistakes resulting in hermaphrodites, does not result in a conundrum for the majority. These IDIOTS really believe we are the idiots and that we can be persuaded that black is white and pink is really the new green. I am at the point of screaming in frustration at the blatant attempt to pervert God's creation. The lunatics are running the asylum (which is what our beautiful world has become) and nothing makes sense anymore.

Please, LORD Jesus. Come for us soon.