Fay (30 Apr 2017)
"Christian Tribulation - It's Here"

Brilliant article which I got off the Rapture Ready site. A few quotes from the article ...." the attacks on Christians have become so bad that some people believe Libya has lost the Christian presence". And another...... " Obama's hatred of Christianity is one of the defining attributes of his presidency. Domestically, he attacked the free speech of Christians through Obamacare, the IRS, other government force, and as the leader of the cultural war on Christianity, his intense hatred of God was also why he advocated so hard for the twin evils of infanticide and sodomy". That should whet your appetite and also help us really realise that our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters have been suffering, and continue to suffer tribulation. Almighty God's wrath is in the wings and is about to take centre stage.

Obama’s War in Libya Has Devastated Christianity » BarbWire.com