Elliot Hong (30 Apr 2017)
"Re: John D's post about the 2nd Passover"

Dear Doves:

I like to add thoughts to John D's post about the 2nd Passover.

1) John wrote that this coming 2nd Passover is the 21st full moon from the last blood moon of the Tetrad.

     21 means Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin, and it's the number of Daniel's Delay.

2) This coming 2nd Passover, 5/10 in US time is 5/11 in Isreal time.

     511 reminds of 911 and 311.

3) The 2nd Passover is allowed for those who were not ready for the 1st Passover, and it's connected to the parable of the marriage feast which is written in Matthew 22:1-14.

4) According to 2 Chronicles chapter 30, Israelites celebrated the 2nd Passover for 2 weeks.

     Sukkot was celebrated for 2 weeks as well when the Temple was dedicated to God as it's written in 1 Kings 8:65-66.

     Likewise, this coming 2nd Passover could be the last chance that the Bride's temple should be sanctified for Dedication.

     If not, it will be left behind in the Tribulation under the rule of AC.

     The 8th day of the 2nd Passover's 2nd week is 5/25.

     Amazingly 5/25 is the day when Obama is scheduled to show up at Brandenburg Gate of Berlin.

5) 5/25 happens to be Jerusalem Day(Iyar 28) and it suggests that Obama is the one who will divide Jerusalem as he confirms the covenant of Daniel 9:27.