1 Cor 10:31 (30 Apr 2017)
"prayer request & rapture info"

Hi everyone, I check in & read some of the letters here; weekly I always intend to write, however the entire week WHOOSHES by so fast, doesn’t it?  So I just never get to it.

Hang in there, all!!  I believe with all my heart the rapture is soon!!   And I know some of us are faltering as we “come limping over” the finish line!

Listen, 2 prayer requests:   1. Someone we know died (unexpectedly)  soon after she turned 39 – she’d been the epidemy of good health….. we just never know, do we?  Surely our days have been numbered (ref:  Ps. 139)  and our times are in His hands!   Anyway, she leaves behind a very distraught husband & child as well as parents and relatives who are having to deal with grief & shock all at the same time.  Thanks for praying.

2.  is for my husband who has experienced pain in his upper right chest  (right not left)  for over a year now…. he’s diabetic & “mostly” takes care of himself, could still stand to lose some weight – and to LIMIT his eating out …. b/c we know we don’t get good, healthy food when eating out!   (think “GMO”!!)   

At any rate, it’s scary & I ask the Lord to not take him before the rapture, ultimately I submit to God’s will… but my will (and hope) is wanting him well.  He says he’ll get off corn products for a while & see if that helps… but he says it now, yet tomorrow when he’s hungry he’ll give in & start eating anything & everything.   Plus when he’s away from home (work) then I have no control (in preparing)  what he eats!  

Thanks for praying for my husband, Rob, and for me, too.  We both admittedly have too much on our plate/s – him work, me some emotional baggage (relationship area)…..

Well, thanks again.

And do a search on this site for a letter from Bruce Werner …. He actually wrote it a few years ago yet he mentions the generation thing & how we should be gone by May 12 of THIS year  (that is, if he’s on the right track w/the generation deal – I’ve heard varying explanations regarding that.)   Either way, I tend to think the trumpet will be blowing this spring.  We haven’t much time to wait to find out!!