Lynnette (24 Apr 2016)
"Neil Lipkin /Sometimes life can be hard/ Answers"

Thank you Neil for sharing.....
Sometimes life can be hard, and I mean very hard!   I know many people now who are hurting intensely with serious health problems, serious relational problems, serious loneliness, serious financial problems, etc.   Who are we to look to for help?  When we are backed up in a corner and everything seems hopeless, what do we do?  Man does not have the answers, but God does!   He knows every little intricate detail of our lives.   All we have to do is call on Him, BELIEVE in Him, and trust Him.   Is that always easy?   No.   But it always does work!
His favorite movie clip: Ben Hur meets JESUS

 Always I will give Give God THANKS, for you John Tng  for serving &
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Blessings, Lynnette 
Water for Jesus clip :