Gleason Parker (24 Apr 2016)
"Pentecost Rapture--And the LAST TRUMP"

I think Ola's reasoning is based on a Friday-Sunday period; so not the same as a Wed to Sat, 3 days and 3 nights; so I would disagree with her on that; but her emphasis on May 4th coincided with what I came up with as the 15th of this first month, or Tabernacles.  So, today is the type of "trumpets", 4/20, 4.29 is type of atonement; and 5/4 is type of Tabernacles 5 days later...using this month April, Abib, as the full moon first month, Ps. 81,  also from 12/2/15, which was 1335 days from Passover in April 6, 2012, it has been, or will be 153 days on 5/3/16, the day before what could be an tabernacle "event";  I was shown that for the next 10 days, of awe, more will be revealed.  Only share this with people who will not despise it.