Dave Baxter (24 Apr 2016)
"Clare Dubose - a response to Carl"

Hello doves

Carl invited us to comment on the statements being made by Clare Dubose and his letter has been on my mind for a few days so even though Iím not a regular poster on 5D, I felt I should pitch in.
I started by watching one of her Youtube videos and was somewhat distracted by the strangely resizing still of her that kept pulsating during her reverberant audio delivery. However, itís not her ability to make videos thatís in question here - just the validity of what she claims to hear from the Lord.

Scripture tells us to test all things and in obeying this commandment, we have two tools against which to test things. One tool is the power of sound reasoning and logic backed by experiment - in other words good old fashioned operational science with some testable conjectures and repeatable results. This excludes pseudo-science and techno-babble so beloved by the new agers. The other and most important instrument of truth is, as Iím sure we all agree, the scriptures. With that in mind, Iíd like to comment on some of the statements Carl has kindly supplied.

The first point of concern is her statement that God has been pushing back the date of the rapture incrementally with a view to saving more people. Scripture says that God wants everyone to be saved but we know also that not everyone will be. If God determines a cut-off date and then extends it by one day, thatís great for those who turn to Christ on that extra day but what about those on the following day? Why shouldnít God extend the date again, and again and again? Itís clear from scripture that God has Ďappointed timesí that are immovable (they could hardly be appointed in any sense of the word otherwise). This is confirmed by Paulís seemingly obvious statement that Ďour salvation is nearer than when we first believedí. Why state that some future event is getting nearer? thereís so much that the Bible doesnít say, so many mysteries we wish to be revealed that the inclusion of what seems like a statement of the obvious is rather odd. The reason I believe this statement is in scripture is precisely to tells us that God has fixed an appointed time for the rapture and that time cannot be extended, otherwise itís conceivable that our salvation could be further into the future (rather than closer) than when we first believed and that would contradict scripture. Only God knows that date and Iím convinced itís set in stone so any message claiming that the rapture has been postponed is, in my opinion, just an excuse for the failure of previous predictions. Nothing we can do will affect the date. Prayer does not move the date, it moves peoplesí hearts and thatís another issue entirely.

Clare's predictions seem to fall into two broad categories - those that are two vague or general to be tested and those that are very specific but which happen in circumstances that preclude any testing as people will be too busy just trying to survive. A limited nuclear exchange is likely in the Middle East and we all know that volcanic activity is increasing. The destruction is already outlined in Revelation and we have no way to know about the exact fate of individual cities outside the levant.

We know that a great mountain burning with fire is coming out of the sky because John says he saw it. We also know itís going to happen after the rapture. Is this the same as Nibiru? Clearly something hits us (at least two if you include Wormwood). The rest is the kind of speculation thatís been around for some years now.

Americans, perhaps due in part to past hubris, seem to have difficulty in accepting that the USA is not mentioned in scripture but it would appear that the west in general is in such moral decline that all the worldís most powerful nations will be humbled by God soon. Again, we canít test any statements on America against scripture so itís down to speculation.

Her statement that ĎGod sometimes gives us a DNA transplant to turn us from sin, discouragement and failureí appears to me to be plain nonsense and is not supported by any science or scripture I know.

As for CERN - I know it seems to be the popular punch-bag for some Christians and itís the seed bed for many a story. I have a friend who used to work on the particle detectors at CERN and he said the  local farmers blamed CERN for their low yields of cheese. Leaving aside the fact that thereís a cheese called Quark for a moment, thereís an obvious danger in interpreting every effect as being caused by some experiment in particle physics in much the same way that to a man who only owns a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Letís remember a couple of fundamental truths. Firstly, God made the universe, not man, consequently, nothing man can do (apart from original sin of course) can break it. There is no technology, no energy or knowledge that can work outside Godís permitted will. Secondly, God gave man the task of discovery and dominion (something that will only really come to fruition for believers in new bodies) over his creation. Many great scientists in history were believers and the quest to discover how the universe is held together is a noble one - not an evil scheme hatched by mad scientists despite what people post on Youtube. When explaining why CERN is such a force for evil, the proponents of this view invariably revert to unsubstantiated techno-babble designed to fool those not trained in real science or engineering. One of the dangers often flagged is that CERN make anti-matter which is a very dangerous and unstable form of matter. This is true and I wouldnít want any of it in my front room but that doesnít make it intrinsically evil. It appears to be part of the fabric of space that God designed. Whatís dangerous is isolating it. This is because of the energy involved but I would venture to add that itís nothing to do with demons. Anti-matter is the latest nail our man with the hammer has found. Before that it was any form of heat. The new agers believe that spirits are attracted to fire - now it appears they like anti-matter too. Often CERN is accused of being a portal through which hordes of demons will pour into our dimension. Much as I enjoyed the Stargate series, it has much to answer for in this respect. Firstly, demons have never needed a special portal in the past. Noah, as I recall, built an ark, not a particle accelerator and we are told in Revelation that itís an angel that holds the keys to the bottomless pit, and itís this angel that releases them - not man or any machine of man.

Regarding the president of the USA, itís clear heís no friend of Christians or Israel and heís done a great deal to bring down American in the eyes of the world. It looks like Americans are about to replace one fool for another like so many other  nations do on a regular basis so weíll just have to wait to see if he turns out to be the Anti-Christ or not. If Nathan was right, we really will know in Ďmonths not yearsí. We need to review what Nathan and other are saying to see if it is true remembering how God told us to test prophets.

I donít expect everyone will agree with the points Iíve offered here but perhaps weíll be able to arrive at some consensus and then, in the light of divine revelation, see what we got wrong!
Thank you Carl for your posts

Dave Baxter