Charles Holler (24 Apr 2016)
"A Letter pointing to Passover week rapture"

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Sent: Fri, 22 Apr 2016 16:19:07 -0400
Subject: Daniel's 70th Week, Passover Week, & the Un-locking of the 2008 - 2015 Timeline?!

Hi Everyone,

There appears to be some "weight" behind the claim that our long-awaited Departure
will arrive during this year's Passover Week!
Is the last piece to the un-folding prophetic puzzle "hidden in plain sight" in Ron's
("original") Oct.29, 2008 - Sept.23, 2015 timeline? This timeline could very well parallel
Daniel's 70th Week and Passover Week. That is to say, it just may prove to be the perfect
model or pattern that solves the "mystery".

Those of you in our "IC7" group (and perhaps a very limited number of other prophecy
students) may be the only ones who will seriously ponder the theory I am about to
Stephen Steinman's information (via Charle's e-mail) was the catalyst in my pursuit to
entertain (even more seriously) the possibility that "the time of Jacob's Trouble" or
"the time of Great Tribulation" will be 1260 days in duration (as opposed to 2520 days).

April 25/26, 2016 - Feast of Firstfruits/"Resurrection Day"
Plus 1260 days - time of Jacob's Trouble
= Oct. 8, 2019 - Day of Atonement @sunset.

I have always considered the Day of Atonement to be the leading candidate for the
fulfillment of Christ's 2nd Coming ; but not so much the assertion that Christ has already
fulfilled the first 1260 days (3.5 years) of Daniel's 70th Week.
However, after thoroughly re-visiting the issue, it appears that there is a very credible case
for Christ's earthly ministry (from the fall of A.D. 27 to the spring of A.D. 30) being that
fulfillment (with the final 1260 days yet future).
The judgement that will play out in the future 1260 days will arrive as a consequence of the
rejection of Christ's 3.5 years of earthly ministry culminating with His atoning sacrifice.

The 69th Week (483 years) of Daniel may or may not have ended with Christ's baptism
in the fall of A.D. 27 (the chronology involved is far too lengthy to address in this message).
However, if the 70th Week was cut short by 3.5 years, culminating with Christ's crucifixion
in April of A.D. 30, then some intensely interesting parallels with the 2008 - 2015 timelime
come to light :

(1) The First Half of Daniel's 70th Week :

(a) Christ's earthly (1260-day) ministry begins with His baptism in the fall of A.D. 27, and
ended in the middle of Daniel's 70th week with His crucifixion in April A.D. 30.

(b) Could the time period of Oct.29, 2008 (Obama's 30-minute info-mercial) to April 11, 2012
- the "middle of the (2520 day) Week", clearly marked by the Lord with "twin 8" earthquakes
(mag. 8.2 & Mag. 8.6) represent the first 1260 days of Daniel's 70th week?

(2) The Second Half of Daniel's 70th Week :

Could the 1260 days from April 11, 2012 to Sept.23, 2015 (Day of Atonement) represent
the pattern pointing to the final 1260 days of Daniel's 70th Week?!
In other words, will April 26, 2016 mark the first day of the second half of Daniel's 70th week,
with Oct. 8/9, 2019 (Day of Atonement) be the last day of Daniel's 70th Week?
Perhaps the 2008 - 2015 timeline was designed specifically by God to point directly to the
starting point of the (1260-day) "time of Jacob's Trouble".

The parallel (in chronology) between April 11, 2012 and April 26, 2016 (in the Year of Jubilee)
is truly remarkable!! ....
April 11, 2012 was the "middle of the week - the 4th day of Passover Week in 2012, and
April 25/26, 2016 will also land "smack dab" on the 4th day of Passover Week 2016!! ...
What are the odds!!

April 25/26, 2016 - days # 3&4 Passover Week
Plus 1260 days - 2nd half of Daniel's 70th week
= Oct. 8, 2019 - Day of Atonement @sunset!!

Just putting it out there as a very exciting possibility!!
God Bless,