Steve W2 (8 Apr 2013)
"Charles and seeing 1111 and 221"

Charles and Doves....

As we move through 2013, all of us keep an eye on the Jewish calendar, as our Lord's eyes are on His city and our brothers and sisters in Israel.

With the Julian calendar putting in for a 13th month for Jewish year, I think it might be worthwhile to also consider that we might not actually be in the new Holy year yet. Which means Nisan 1 doesn't start till the evening of the 10th of April. If we then use the Torah calendar which is correct with the moon sightings, then we could easily think about "Thursday", May 2nd as a possible day to consider. Actually anytime between May 1st and Orthodox Easter on May 5th. 
Interesting enough....with the ENORMOUS amount of times the Lord keeps giving me 1111, 221, and a few others, it's like OK, OK, I'm looking....

Both Dayana Torchia and Valarie on Rapture Flight to Heaven have had dreams where 221/222 were so strongly shown. I'm sure others have also had the same. So I think it probably is the Jewish calendar rather than ours. Wouldn't you know that May 2nd is then the 21st of Nisan, again which is a Thursday. 

Time will tell but thought it worth sharing.

John....fivedoves has proved to be the finest site, with the finest set of studied believers I've come across. John...the wisdom you've been given is amazing. You've been vindicated over and over in knowing when to cut a thread and when to allow it to play out. Thank you!!!

Blessings to you all. You are all a genuine treasure....all because Christ is at the center.