Steve W2 (3 Apr 2013)
"Barry Amundsen and RC..."



You said something that is really the key. You said it is the revelation from the Holy Spirit that the rapture of the Bride is pre-trib.

For 56 years I went to a church that believed in pre-trib but I believed in post, mainly because my father believed that way and "all" the scriptures I read spoke the same to me. One day in my office it dawned on me I had never asked the Lord. So I asked Him. He didn't make me wait. He spoke so clearly pre-trib. I was flabbergasted. I opened the Bible and scripture after scripture was opened to a heart that really wanted to know. I have literally never been the same since.

The desire to be the Bride of Christ comes with a price. Complete and utter surrender and death to everything that I thought was important. Death to self doesn't come easy, but when you realize the prize and that we might be considered worthy to stand before Him, the lover of our soul, and escape that which is coming upon the earth...then everything is put into perspective.

So RC....spend the time to ask. He is utterly faithful to answer the children He so loves.

Blessings on you both.