Steven King (8 Apr 2013)
"RE GINO: and all Serious Bible Students."


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Hi Gino,
You Wrote:
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write and comment on the post :
The Church, Tribulation and the Rapture
You made a comment that one group will be unaware I believe I would just like to encourage everyone to be "READY".
Whether it is Pre Tribulation , Mid Tribulation , PreWrath or Post Tribulation, I think if we are in fellowship with God ( JESUS) , reading our bible, praying, and sharing the good news ( Gospel ) with everyone God gives us opportunity then it really does not matter what time HE returns but we are commanded to "watch" so that is what I am doing.
Gino, I made a special link for you and any serious students of the bible to check out and let me know your thoughts.
I admit the videos are long but I also believe for any serious bible student they will be a blessing.
I pray you have the time to view the videos and that they bless you as I have intended them for you!
Just click on this link and enjoy!
Videos I have found over the years to bless you!
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