Sharon Gilbert (16 Apr 2013)
"Jesus in a Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp"

I have a Himalayan salt rock lamp that has been off for two months. It seems like the switch is broken. However, strangely it came on last night when I invited this native American Indian man over and we talked about spiritual things. He said he had his own religious beliefs but seemed to recognize that Jesus exists. We both had problems so we prayed for each other in our own way. He sang to me in the Hopi language. I took his hand and prayed for him in the name of Jesus.
When he looked at my rock lamp he claimed he saw Jesus and a lion in it. I told him how strange it was that it came on for the first time in two months when he came over. Then his 25-year-old nephew came over and he told his nephew about seeing Jesus in the rock lamp. His nephew said he saw both Jesus and the Virgin Mary in the lamp. They both thought it strange how the lamp had come on for the first time in two months. Then they left and I went to bed and left the rock lamp on.
The next morning the rock lamp was off and I tried the switch and it would not turn on again, just like it had been broken for the past two months!  Isn't that a strange coincidence?