Randy (19 Apr 2013)
"Are National Tragedies in the USA on the rise?  If so........why?"

First, what constitutes as a Naitonal Tragedy?
2 things (?)
1) Weather Related Events (Weather, tornedoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes)
2) Bombings / shootings
So.......are these events on the RISE over the last 5 years, 10 years, 15 years?
Seems like it to me....without doing a tracking study.  But doesn't it seem like ALL TOO OFTEN we see the President of the United States....ONCE AGAIN........on TV at a memorial service or "on the scene" of another National Tragedy that has captured the hearts (and TV news time) of all Americans?
The Denver theater shootings last year.
Sandy Hook elementary shootings
The hurricane in (of all places) New Jersey/New York, last year
The earthquake a couple years ago in (of all places) Washington DC.  (No deaths, but it caught everyone's attention!
The horrific explosion at the fertilizer plant in Texas this week, as well. 
And now.......the Boston bombing......
So, IF US National Tragedies ARE on the RISE..........we must ask "WHY?"
These are not ONE BIG Related Event.......they are seperate events.
Are they just coincidences??   Many will say yes.....but the shear number and loss of lives, and emotional impact from the TV scenes.......seem be telling me (and others) there is alot more to this than just coincidence.
So then.......is this some type of "Judgement upon America" ......  from God?
You could certainly make a case for this.
So....why then?
Is it:
1) The growing state of immorality in the US?  ie, the endorsement of gay marriage and the dramatically advancing gay agenda all around the country....and a growing acceptance by more and more of the US population. 
2) The Biblical fact that "those who support Israel will be blessed and those who do not will NOT be blessed? 
3) The fact that we (the USA) threw out God and prayer from the US school system back in the 1960's....and THIS is the obvious result?  The decaying morality of America?  And the growing viiolence in America?   etc, etc.....
IF so..........I would expect more and more events in the future that will only get more and more extreme in terms of violence and horrific outcomes and statistics.
Woe to America if this is true.............God help us.....
Let's hope the RAPTURE is very, VERY soon!
Tick Tcok