Marie Komar (30 Apr 2011)
"to Cinda Godfrey - my dog is dieing"

re your post
Dear Cinda
Your post warmed my heart. I am so glad Spencer is getting better. Thank you for your prayers and concerns.
My surgery on April 10th was successful and I am almost fully recovered. Alas, my dear companion, my GSD Leo, is in very bad shape.
Two days after I came home, I noticed Leo was not eating well and his abdomen seemed distended. Worried that he may have an intestinal problem,
we took him to 'Animal Emergency' and, after an examination and several x-rays, were told that he has an aggressive cancer with a tumor in his spleen
which was bleeding into his stomach - the cancer had also spread into his lungs. They advised me to put him down - I didn't. I took my loyal friend home.
The next day, my vet gave me some pain pills for him and told me he has, at most, two weeks. This was so unexpected. His last check-up in October
showed him to be in perfect health.
Leo has periods  of perking up and acting almost normal. He doesn't seem to be in pain - sleeps a lot and still wants to take walks, but short ones. 
Although he gobbles up pieces of ham and beef, he hardly eats. His eyes are so sad. He is two months short of his eight birthday. 
I pray for a miracle but it seems the Lord wants him on the other side. I tell Leo to say hello to all my other dogs who are waiting to play
with him and to wait for me. He knows.
Please say an extra prayer for Leo.
Marie Komar