Karen (19 Apr 2013)
"What to believe"

Blessings John,
Thanks for gathering all this information.
I enjoyed the answer from Barry A. regarding what we are to believe.
I also have been watching the signs for His return a long time.. oh since the 'seventies and it can seem confusing.
I believe this is a process of refining our faith and especially our heart motives for wanting to be raptured in the first place.
Is it really all about Him? About His rights and His Reward and our desire to see Him vindicated, rewarded , returned and finally crowned or can it be that He wants a pure bride who only has eyes for Himself and is not looking at herself and her rewards first of all.
He is after all the Lord and King of Glory and His Bride is first of all for His Pleasure not her own though He the Lord of Love will see to that too.
Does this make sence to anyone cause I am Seeking And Thirsting for more of Him and this always means He actually posseses more of what He rightfully owns, that being my life completely. HALLELUJAH and Amen.
What I actually intended to ask was that Barry would tell us his idea of what VIRTUE really means in respect to recieving the end result.
I thought it was a very insightfull post.
Thanks for the post and for tolerating my probeing responce.
In His great Love,