Joe M (20 Apr 2013)
"Be encouraged: a couple of signs"


2 years ago, Dr Owuor posted a message about the imminent rapture - Apr 27, 2011.  I don't know how long it takes for his prophecies to come true, but 2 years sounds good to me.
Also, the apostle Paul talked about finishing the race.  For us as a group, to finish the race is making it home in the rapture.  When I thought about the Boston marathon attack, it could be a sign.  It's the most famous race I know of in the world.  There was a group of people finishing the race about the same time when the sudden destruction happened.  The runners on the road were unharmed, though one 78 yr old guy fell down.  It was the people not in the race who were hurt.  When the rapture happens, the shock on the people's faces in Boston will be likewise on people's faces worldwide.  A sign?  Perhaps.  I don't rejoice over these tragedies.  But soon we're outta here and God is making us aware of the times and seasons.
Also, my wife was told a second event was coming quickly after the first one - the second being in Texas.  The Lord told her this the evening she went to bed, and that night the Texas event happened.  Then in the morning, the Lord told her these words, "California earthquake."  The Lord also told her an event is coming more devastating than the '911' attack.
We're in serious times.  Many believers are under attack in their personal lives.  Don't give up.  You're not alone.  Keep praying and watching!
In Love,
Joe M