JMS (30 Apr 2013)
"It's better to Light a Candle, than to condemn the darkness !"

In the creation the Almighty God said: Let there be Light, and God saw the Light was good, and He seperated it from the darkness.

So when we light a candle in faith, we say that we want that light in our life !!!

When Jesus was born on earth, He was the true Light and Word from God coming into world, - John 1:9-13.v - and all who believed

in Hi's name He gave the right to become children of God.

Children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or of husband's will, - But Born Of  the Almighty God !

That's the risen why God when Peter, John and Jacob was on the mountain with Jesus, and He was revealed for them in a great

Light, the Almighty God from a cloud said: this is My Beloved Son, listen to Him (in fact, believe in, trust in and follow Him) - and

when they again looked up, They Saw Only Jesus. - Matthew 17:1-9.v.

May we understand this commandment and obey it ! - have a blessed time in the love from Jesus our Lord and Love......jms.