Jean Stepnoski (26 Apr 2013)
"Scriptural Anniversary Days: Iyar 15, 16, 17, 18"


Dear Doves,
    According to scholars, the date of  Iyar 14 was when the unleavened bread was last consumed, by the mixed multitude who had left Egypt in the Exodus. Iyar 15 was 30 days after the Exodus, then they had no bread at all, no food. The people complained and asked if they had been led out of Egypt in order to all starve to death in the wilderness. They blamed Moses and Aaron. The people entered worsening spiritual darkness: limited faith, increasing complaints, grumbling, whining, and doubts. HUNGER. Darkness of the spirit, mind, and soul. The supernatural and mysterious bread from Heaven, the manna, was visible at morning several days later, according to Jewish history. It was like the bread they had eaten for 30 days in one key respect, the manna was another form of unleavened bread. But Iyar 14 or 15 to 17 or 18 means 3 days! The glory of the Lord appeared in the cloud. With the 3rd day beginning or ending, the quail appeared that night and the manna the next morning. It reminds us of the 3 day Sign of Jonah, something hidden revealed on the 3rd day! The Messiah Yahushua (Yeshua/Jesus Christ) liked Himself to the supernatural and mysterious bread from Heaven, the manna. The manna was not given, come down, revealed from Heaven, until after days of spiritual crisis! When did He rise in Resurrection? It was Nisan 17 going to 18. He was planted in the loaner tomb of Joseph of Arimethea just before sunset ending Nisan 14 at sunset. The next day was a Shabbat Shabbataton of day 1 of The Feast of Unleavened Bread, a no work day Shabbat, no work could be done. That would include work with aloes and spices to the body of a corpse. Add 3 days, to Nisan 17 going to 18 at sunset, ending the Shabbat and beginning the Feast of First Fruits. The night to day of the quail appearing, then THE REVEALING OF THE MANNA, was quite possibly beginning Iyar 17 or 18. The Scriptural Anniversary Days of Iyar 15, 16, 17, and 18 in 2013 are 4-25 to 26, 26 to 27, 27 to 28, and 28 to 29. Might Messiah/Christ, The True Bread, come down beginning the night of Iyar 17 or 18? The 3 day Sign of Jonah in Nisan as a full 72 hour period, night plus day times 3, is a subtle clue to link to the ending of Iyar 17 and Iyar 18 beginning.
   The other date of interest according to the Noah stories in the book of Genesis, concerns the rains beginning on month 2 and day 17. According to the Calendar begun in Spring related to Nisan then Iyar, or to the other Calendar with Tishri then Cheshvan? Scholars disagree. The days of mourning for Methuselah would be for 7 days from the date he died, day 11, to ending on the 17 going to the 18?  Might one of these dates of Iyar be momentous, in the remaining days of month 2 of The Scriptural Year? Might The Unleavened One, come down from Heaven, soon call up His Bride of the Ages? Is The Blessed Hope near?
With Love and Shalom,