Jean Stepnoski (20 Apr 2013)
"With Thanks For Lisa Taylor"


Dear Lisa and Doves,
   Thank you for your kind words, Lisa. I have believed for several years that Second Passover is important in multiple contexts. As to whether the one in 2013 will be momentous in some way, we shall know soon. Your most recent post is, as always, beautifully and insightfully written and Scripturally reliant. As you noted, the Second Passover is indeed an invitation for the few to participate and some will decline it, in the times of King Hezekiah or any other year since it was implemented in the times of Moses and Aaron. Communion can help us to remember the Cup of Redemption (3 of the 4 consumed during a Passover Seder) and the Cup of Praise (cup 4). With each Communion and/or Passover Seder partaken, is the continuity of remembrance of our past Lamb of Atonement combined with the awaiting with joy the arrival of our Bridegroom/Husband and our intimacies of marriage before us into the 1000 Year Reign and beyond. I especially love your section on Noah and Second Passover with insights about the blood and the wood and the pitch. There was also the lid on the top third level of the ark, like another form of covering or atonement. Here are some motifs about month 2 and days 14 to 17: Second Passover, Lamb, Blood, Pass Over, Covering, Unleavened Bread, Bitter Herbs, Atonement, Bridegroom, Bride, Marriage, Chuppah, Family, The Ark of Life and Hope and Safety and Provision, Deluge and Flood, Life or Death, Noah Family, Manna, and The Bread from Heaven.
   There are additional signs in the heavens for Second Passover night of 4-24, for Israel and Europe and North America. These include the following: the Moon (symbolic of the Bride of Messiah/Christ) will occult (hide or cover over) the brightest star named Spica (First Fruits). The constellation will be Virgo (the Maiden or Virgin) and Saturn (the Adversary, Satan) will become closest to earth on 4-24 and 25. The closest until 2033? Thank you again, Lisa, for your fine post. I hope to soon meet you, and each of our dear Doves, in the together forever (a phrase of Edith Schaeffer) Kingdom of our Beloved!
With Love and Shalom,