GM (8 Apr 2013)
"Bruce B mysteries"

Bruce B mysteries


I certainly agree with your insight regarding unusual passages in scripture.  Many have sparked insightful studies for me.  Sometimes they merely require a brief look at alternate definitions, other times they seem beyond me.


Your examples prompted a few thoughts.  I would take a superficial approach to the mentions of mules/asses which I think may truly be intended.  Regardless of where the U.S. President stands in the end times, he is the leading figure of rapid degeneration in Middle East stability.  His actions are in secret, but he covers his reality with lots of meaningless words, “jawing”.  As others have mentioned he came into power riding an ass; the symbol of the Democrat party.  This was not always the symbol for the party.  In many places today, the rooster can be seen on official ballots in the voting booth.  Either way, they are both representative of ancient pagan gods mentioned in scripture.  So, on to the mule:


Through Balaam’s ass, Numbers 22, God was demonstrating wisdom when it was not to be found in Balaam.  This is a “smart”…ass, pardons please.  A political party represents rhetoric.  This would be a “dumb”… ass, more pardons, not silent, but having meaningless or deceptive words, not unlike Balaam.


Samson’s killing of the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass speaks directly to our time.  In Zechariah (9?) there is a very specific mention of the areas surrounding Israel which are hostile; Syria, Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon.  These are the terrorist infested enemies of Israel which the Lord says will be destroyed.  Included are the areas of the “Palestinians” which are the namesake equivalents of the Philistines.  So, while these people may see the President as their benefactor, he is leading them on a path of destruction with his “jaw”.


Finally, while writing I realized that the only figures in mind surprisingly floating on top of the water besides the ax head are Jesus walking on the water and the spirit of God hovering over the waters in Genesis.  Jesus said he came to divide.  An ax divides.  A branch was cast into the water to retrieve it.  Jesus is the Branch, the Nazarene.  In the Jordan, Jesus was baptized and “rose out of the water”.  The word for axe is the word for iron.  Looking in Rev 12:5, “And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.”