Gary Rich (28 Apr 2013)
"Re: Year of the Rapture seen in Bible vision"

Raul D  (26 Apr 2013)
"Year of Rapture seen in Bible vision."
"After this to my surprise she tells me she sees behind Jesus in the air a date, 2013. I asked if she saw the month  and it was also seen, but she was told not to say, so I done the next best thing asking if this month seen is before or after her birthday which is in July, and she told me the month seen is after her birthday.

Timing wise for the Rapture and these events to start as I said before she did see fall coloured leafs on the trees in the bible vision of the Lord's coming also in this verse, she was told this meant the Autumn season, now that I know its after July of this year, the rapture will happen in the Northern hemisphere autumn season sometime from 22 September to 21 December, 2013"

Raul D - this is exciting, thank you for sharing with us your daughter's vision. Looks like we have about 4 more months to go till the rapture window opens in September. This gives all of us a little more time to fulfill our God-given assignments that the Lord has Called us to do. Whatever God has laid on your heart to do with your life that has for eternal value, start doing it today. Soon you will be appearing at the Heavenly Awards Ceremony called the Judgement Seat of Christ. Use the remaining earthly time for eternal purposes, and you will have much eternal treasure waiting for you in heaven !
have a blessed day,   Gary