Gail (19 Apr 2013)
"The Crude Catalyst, just like I predicted"

They're predicting a Crude Rally because of a Mid-east War coming up, but I say crude keeps going down, and taking with it, a host of other commodities.  Those commodities are tied in with the world banking system.
Apr.18th, 2013
Charles Nenner of the Charles Nenner Research Center says the crude catalyst is based not on economic strength but on a global conflict, likely stemming from the Middle East. "My cycles show that we're going to have a major conflict starting this year," he says crude is nearing a bottom right now and may be heading higher for grim reasons.  A mid-east war Nenner says, "is a very good reason why oil prices could shoot up."
All is definitely not well in Russia, and it gets worse.
Apr.18th, 2013
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev
is hitting back after unauthorized video footage surfaced showing Russian President Vladimir Putin using angry, unguarded remarks directed at Medvedev.
Medvedev, 47, who has been prime minister since last May, is rallying parliament's support in favor of a report on his government's work.
"We live in a dynamic, fast-developing world. It is so global and so complex that we sometimes cannot keep up with the changes," he said, acknowledging that Russia could be dragged into recession if global commodity prices keep falling.
Russia's economy, is heavily reliant on the exports of it's oil and gas.

Apr 18th, 2013

Gold quake: Will India rescue?

Physical support for the precious metal, is seen to be coming from gold's best friend. 

-India has been the world's largest gold consumer for decades now.

In fact, India and China, the two Asian and global tiger economies, make up more than half (51.8 per cent, to be precise) of total annual gold demand (World Gold Council data).
Between the two, they consumed 1.64 million kg of gold in 2012 alone. Gold demand in India for 2012 stood at a massive 864.2 tonnes while the Chinese gobbled up 776.1 tonnes

Demand for physical gold remains strong in India and China. Between the two of them they account for over half of the annual global demand for gold.

Retail demand in India alone might come to gold's rescue imminently. 


It's the upcoming wedding season in India from April through June.

And the World's Central Banking System has been accumulating massive amounts of Gold Bullion Reserves to offset financial uncertainties faced by many of the World's economies.

Central banks see gold as a very important reserves asset. This means that when a nation is facing extreme situations, the one asset that they can use as acceptable international money is gold. 

And who is ever more reliant on the trade of Gold for their energy needs from Iran? Turkey.

Ezekiel 38 keeps lining up right behind Psalm 83.

Mar.29th, 2013

Turkey exported almost $120 million worth of gold to Iran in February alone, data showed, suggesting the two countries' trade of gold for natural gas has both sides dependent on the other.

Apr.18th, 2013

OPEC ministers were discussing calling an extraordinary meeting because of falling crude prices.

Iran's oil minister had already said OPEC members will discuss holding an emergency meeting if oil prices stay below $100 a barrel.
It gets a whole lot worse.
I've posted this over and over-
No one is as yet forecasting a fresh round of Arab Perdition-like regime implosions, but that's the nightmare scenario if you happen to run a petrocracy. 
The GCC is home to some of the world's largest Islamic banks.
- The value of their energy assets, a combination of high oil prices, low interest rates, and ample liquidity in the banking system is what comprises the Arab economies. 
The World’s 5 Largest Oil Consumers October 25th, 2012
#1 United States
#2 China
#3 Japan
#4 India
#5 Saudi Arabia
Just like I've warned, 3 of the top 5 will be devastated by another Indian Ocean Tsunami.
2 of those same 3 are key to the Net Worth of Gold bullion.
And the major drop in oil as an energy resource puts little tiny Israel in the bulls-eye of the green prince, the AntiMessiah.

Mediterranean gas scramble

Israel's Major Gas Find& Ezekiel 38

Natural gas: A new duel in the Middle East

Apr.14th, 2013
This discovery could wreak havoc among the countries overlooking the east of the Mediterranean consisting of Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.

The state of war is still very much alive between Israel, on one hand, and Syria and Lebanon on the other. There are no clearly defined maritime borders between Israel, Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine. In addition to this, there is a chronic conflict between Turkey and the Cypriot Republic over Northern Cyprus. The implications resulting from the Arab Perdition will also have their shadows on the relationships between the countries of the region.

Energy-poor Turkey, currently pays Russia around $2 billion a month for oil and gas shipments. 

Just like I've warned, Erdogan wants way more than an apology.


Mid-Point - coming up soon

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