Frank Molver (19 Apr 2013)
"10 virgin conundrum sketch"

 This is a follow up on the 10 virgin conundrum letter
Nicole made this sketch during prayer that seems to sum it up even though she was not looking for this message
There were several previous drawings of Christians carrying a red flag or banner with the crown of thorns one it, in other words, identifying with the sufferings of Christ
This drawing there is a group that has a Christian flag without the crown. The meet the unapproving gaurds at the gates of heaven
They represent the lukewarm, the shallow Christians who were in name only
11th April 2013/
I asked God to strengthen us, speak to all of us.
God showed a team of people with the red flag that was without the image of thorn crown, on the red carpet entering a magnificent building,two guards had the look of Pharaoh holding the torches greeting them
In contrast here is one carrying a flag with the thorn crown during the rapture, he is met by Jesus himself
30th March 2013/
Through studying the story of Jacob,we can see that God chose the weak to be the important vessel He used just like Jacob.I asked God to use us to be His vessel to convey His message to the world.
God showed that I was holding a red flag with an image of thorn crown on it climbing up to Jesus who was standing on a cloud with two angels blowing trumpets.Meanwhile many doves were flying up from the earth.