Frank Molver (19 Apr 2013)
"prophetic war rapture sketches with #4 clue"

These are from Nicole Poon in Honk Kong, given during prayer
There were some previous sketches up to 2 years back that indicated 4 also
perhaps some of you smart guys will have some insight
Looks like the boiling point is 4 with communist  soldiers celebrating?
5th April 2013
I asked for Holy Spirit leading our Bible studies,speaking to us,taking away our inner bitterness,filling us with God's words and giving the precious messages to this world.
God showed a glass test tube with red and blue in it being hung in the air.It indicated the degrees 4 in red.Some soldiers were rising a red flag with white star on it.Some missiles were flying.
After seeing this,I asked God for the clear message.God then showed a firework appeared above the flag.
This one could indicate something bad happening, perhaps on 4th of July,{my guess}
You see a division of the land with the 9 wedging the, does this mean September when we may force Israel to divide?
15th March 2013/
This day we studied the scripture about Jacob who took the stone he had placed under his head and set it up as a pillar and would be God's House.We were so shock that this scripture just described as same as the previous vision shown.We praised God that He is so real.
God showed a picture with red and black frame and red digitals 9>6 7 4.A American flag was shown in a wilderness.I have asked God for the meaning but there was no answer
The one below is an eagle with an olive branch in the mouth but is carrying weapons in his hands, then you see a cowboy and a missile taking off, Does this mean we speak peace but will bring war?.
8th April 2013/
When we pray,we can come to God and draw close to Him.Our mind would turn to God from the world.That's why we have to keep praying.I asked God to lead us to see His blessing.
God showed a statue eagle holding thirteen arrows and the olive in the wilderness.A cowboy passing a path and a missile was flying up
The following have to do with the number 4, rapture and war.
25 January 2012/
21 March 2012/
I prayed for almost the same,God showed an human eye and its visible area and invisible area.From the beginning point,there was a black hole,and to a point that showed a solar system,and to the point of the end of the visible area,that was the earth.But from the earth to a new planet with a rainbow and new Jerusalem,was beyond its sight.
13 December 2011/ There were the twins of the world trade center rebuilt on a new earth and at the same position have a timer on it.It's hand moved to the end nearly
This one has one of those fireballs from space comming by.with war at the same time
7th April 2013/
I asked God for leading and guiding on our vision work because we do not know what lies ahead of and the time in Him.We only keep going on by faith.
God showed two big flaming meteors coming forwards to a artifical waterfall on cliff.One man was shouting in panic.At the same time,many paratroopers descending with a missile.

Video: Massive fireball in the sky over central Spain

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7th April 2013/
This day we learned that even God blessed Jacob but he was still facing many difficulties in his life.The blessing to him after his life is "And God said to him,I am God Almighty,be fruitful and increase in number. A nation and a community of nations will come from you,and kings will come from your body.The land I gave to Abraham and Isaac I also give to you,and I give this land to your descendants after you. Genesis 35:11-12 (NIV) " The same way God gives the true blessing to all of us is eternal life is unseen now.So we must have faith to go through all trials until the day we see Jesus on the clouds.
God showed the king of the world on his throne rising in blue fire from the abyss of the earth with some powers.

7th April 2013/
After seeing the previous dreadful vision.I asked God whether that would happen before the rapture or not.
God showed a sphere with black and white combating against on it in fire.I think the meaning is: Now the dark power is rising up and fighting against the power of light.