Ed Gillan (26 Apr 2013)
"Still Having Doubts About What Happened In Boston?"


This is Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis speaking on "Fox News Sunday with Mike Wallace". 

Go to the 2:00 minute mark to hear it for yourself at:  Fox News    

What a Freudian-slip this was!! 

WALLACE: So you think there were plans for more attacks on the homeland?

DAVIS: That's my assessment based upon the fact there are a significant number of explosives found at the scene of the arrest.

WALLACE: So how confident can you be that they don't have more explosives still out there, sir?

DAVIS: We cannot be positive, but we're confident that "these were the two actors"...  these were the two individuals that were carrying out this mission, and they are either dead or arrested at this point in time.


WOW!!! And they want to make us out to be the crazy, evil, fanatical ones? Putting Christian people of faith at the very top of their list as the most dangerous group in America? 

With this latest revelation and with the myriad of other events we have observed of late, could there be any doubt left  of what's going on?  Why would those words, "these were the two actors", even come out of the mouth of a Police Commissioner?

False Flag events and conspiracy theories abound!!  Way back to JFK and even before... then 9/11, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, the fertilizer plant in Texas and on and on it will go.  The forces of evil continue to do exactly what the Bible forewarned long ago. This "grand (supernatural) delusion" that is raining down upon this lost and fallen world will continue to exact complete and utter control over all who would call evil, good, and good, evil.


Here is something maybe a few people missed just five months ago. As a father and grandfather I was more despondent over the Sandy Hook event than I had ever been about anything before. Nothing before that had ever brought me to so many uncontrollable outbursts of emotion and tears like that event did. I watched on the news as many did one of the fathers describing his loss. But what many didn't see was the few brief moments before he actually went in front of the cameras. What a wake up call that was.  


Watch this Sandy Hook father who just lost his child come to the podium to speak.

Watch. See him smiling and laughing? I know that people grieve in many different

ways, but watch it again. Here it is. What do you make of that? Keep looking. See 

him huffing and puffing like an actor getting into character all of a sudden? See

 him make himself grieve right there? What’s really going on here?” 

Here is the video- Sandy Hook father  

The more we watch... and watch we must... the more we must focus our eyes on Jesus. And as we watch, the more we are convinced, more than ever now, that though we may become frightened, confused or saddened by this world we need not worry because we are in the end of days and will soon see Jesus face to face. God is still on the throne, and prayer changes things.  

So once again, may we SHOUT IT OUT, like never before, in sweet, perfect H-A-R-M-O-N-Y.... MARANATHA!!! And again we will say, COME Lord Jesus!!! 

Longing for the Crown of Righteousness - given to all who long for HIS appearing.

Soon we will be singing a new song - round about the throne.

Ed G ~<*///////><