Ed C (19 Apr 2013)
"For the Dreamers"

Although I do not put much stock in the dreams and their meanings as some here do, there is something to be remembered as the images are contemplated and processed.

Many of the dreamers state something like, I do not know when this will happen...

It brings to my mind the prophecies in the bible, particularly, Isaiah.  The prophets would see something, yet not really understand when these things they spoke of would happen.  Isaiah prophecies thousands of years in one or two verses.  He sees Christ, for example as the suffering servant and the king of kings within just a couple of verses.  A single thought, as it were, spanning thousands of years.

Perhaps, with this thought now in your awareness, it may help to some extent with the timing of events perceived.

Just a thought.

PS:  It was David Jeremiah many years ago, that put this thought in my awareness.

Ed C