David H (30 Apr 2013)
"1998, Jon G"


Jon G.
1998 was also the year of Jubilee in Israel as well. Which would thus line up perfectly with creation (120 Jubilee counts)
I also believe that this was when the sixth Millenium ended, and the seventh Millenium since creation began. For those who are not familiar with this, By most accounts of the geneologies in Genesis, creation occurred around 4003 BC. Though there is much speculation about the exact date, I like this the best, because it lines up so well with Jesus Birth in 3 BC, as well as Jacob (2005 bc), and David ruled aroud 1000bc, and Israel enterinng the Holy Land (1405 bc) (700x2, or 70x20). Now do not base your theology on this, but I like to think that God has a plan of Making a New creation in these seven millenial days, Much Like he literally created the earth in seven days.
The delay of approximately 30 years (3 bc-26ad) is the darkness before the dawn, of Which Jesus was and is the "bright and morning star". Note how there was also a similar delay between Jacob's birth, and God's covenent with Israel. As well as David's rule and the temple being built by Solomon.
Again, there are many timelines out there, with which these dates can vary by as much as a 150 years, but this is the one that I like, because it shows the hand of God, showing from the very beginning, the end. That his coming is near, is no doubt though. We are in the darkness before the dawn of his second coming. (Rev. 22:16)
David H