David H (20 Apr 2013)
"Molver drawings"


Thank You Frank for posting more drawings.

I see these as very prophetic. I am going to deal with several here in this letter, and will leave the one with the paintbrush for another letter.

I had previously shared what I believe the drawing with the red and black border represented.

1.The Picture with the eagle, and the olive branch and arrows is a clear representation of the U.S. You will find this imagery on our money. In Particular, you will see this on the old silver dollars from the turn of the last century, where an eagle holds arrows and an olive brance in its claws. see image below: scroll down for better examples.
The Cowboy is a symbol of the individualistic spirit of the U.S. Of note in the drawing is that these two are distracted from the narrow path that leads to heaven. I cannot help but think of the Laodicean church here, and its warnings about relying on our own strength and riches to save us, and while we are distracted by this we miss that narrow road.

2.Eye with sight lines: What struck me on this one, is that the event that appears to be the rapture, is in the blind spot of the eyes. People will be so focused on the visible signs of the false prophet (sun and moon) that they will not see the rapture when it occurs. So few will be the taken in the first rapture, that they will be hardly missed. (Yes I said "first" rapture.) To those who miss out, he will come as a thief in the night.

3.The timer with the twin towers rebuilt: I believe this timer is showing us when this will occur, The freedom tower is supposed to Open this year....2001-2013=12 years Thus half of a clock. With the four ticks above the completion possibly referring to four months prior to the opening as being significant.

4. The fireballs, and the artificial waterfall...remind me of the twin towers memorial. A bombing around that time will lead to war. Of note are the two missles. I will get to this at the end.

5. The king of the world on his throne, is I believe a reference to the events surrounding comet Ison, and rev. 12:1-6. (speculation of course, seen in context of my other letter). If that comet as it comes around the Sun breaks into seven parts...seven heads?? (think shoemaker, Levi9)

6. Good and evil fighting. Revelation 12:7-8

7. Now Back to the four degrees thermometer. I believe the rockets represent the seals. Note how the first one at top is heading up...pointing to the rapture time frame. It misses the mark. (see the following link in reference 2 thess. 2:3, and the "man of lawlessness/sin definition 1b)
 The other three are headed directly at the earth. The emptiness between the four and what would be the five on the vial reminds me of the fifth seal, and the Martyrs being told to "rest a little longer, until the NUMBER of their fellow swrvants and their brothers should be complete, thus the red represents the blood of the Martyrs, filling the vial of wrath. Note the blue area of this vial. this means that there will still be martyrs after this point, but this tapers off to fewer and fewer as time goes by, hence the narrowing of the vial.
The celebration is the apparent victory that comes at that time, and the ensuing "Peace" which will lead to the Mark of the beast and the coronation of the Antichrist beast.

These are my thoughts, and my speculation on these drawings...how they speak to me. Take it for that, and nothing more. I am not all that smart, just unafraid to write my opinion.
God Bless
Jesus is Lord of all.
David H