Cinda Godfrey (28 Apr 2013)
"To:  Bill Lane and Everyone Praying for Spencer"

Thank you so very much for your concern for Spencer and all your prayers on his behalf.  I've been hesitant to speak too soon lest I'm imagining things but I truly believe now that Spencer is getting his miracle!!!!!  So many of you wrote to me and expressed such sympathy for his pain - Doves from all over the world - as far away as Jerusalem!  I am humbled by your wonderful spirits!!!!

The minute you began to pray, Spencer began to improve.  Little by little, day by day, the pain seemed to lessen to the point where he is no longer shaking or asking for pain meds.  Tonight, for the very first time, he went to one of his many toy baskets and proceeded to fling toys all over the house.  He even tried to get me to chase him.  I never thought I'd be this happy to have a messy house again!!!!!

I'm still trying to keep Spencer as quiet as possible and I'm still carrying him up and down the stairs to prevent further injury, but we are heading in the right direction thanks to all of your prayers and our Great Lord!!!!  Please, if you will, continue praying as he had 2 good months last Winter and then relapsed.  The veterinarians never figured out what was wrong with Spencer but that doesn't matter as long as he is healing.

I'm going to try to attach a picture of Spencer.  He is truly the cutest little critter you've ever seen.  And, bless his heart, when I am sick, he's right there beside me.  I mentioned to Jim Bramlett that whenever I have dental work done, Spencer rests his head on my cheek when he sleeps beside me as though he's trying to comfort me and ease my pain.

I've been telling him how everyone is praying for his recovery and he looks up at me as though he understands exactly what I'm saying.  Dogs, in my humble opinion, are one of the greatest gifts our Lord bestowed upon us.  They are a constant reminder of the Savior's love for us and they deserve so much better than how they are treated at the hands of evil humans here.  I pray every single day that God will take the animals off this planet when he comes for his Bride.  They've done nothing wrong and shouldn't have to suffer through the Tribulation.

A special "thank you" to Bill Lane who wrote and said he's been praying for Spencer every day since he read my first post.  Again, I am humbled by your faithful prayers for this little fur baby.

A million thanks to all of you!!!!

Cinda & Spencer