Cinda Godfrey (19 Apr 2013)
"Thanks to Everyone Praying for Spencer!!!"

It's wonderful to have friends in "high" places!!!  I am so touched by the messages and encouragement and prayers by so many of you for my little man, Spencer.  I explained to him that he has people praying for him from all over the world and he agreed that is pretty darn amazing.

Your words have strengthened my faith and we are going to just keep believing for a miracle.

Gili ~ It's no coincidence that you mentioned the salt/water cure which I had never even heard of.  Spencer's blood tests were unremarkable except for the fact that he was low in sodium.  The vet had just suggested I give him some extra salt.  I'm planning to study the website thoroughly and will implement the protocol right away.  Thank you.

I will keep you posted on Spencer's progress. 

As Tiny Tim once said, "God Bless You Every One!"