Cheryl G (19 Apr 2013)
"Cheryl G."

To Barry :  What an incredible insight you had into the fasting and the wineskins.  I have always found that passage very confusing and I was unable to understand it.
Until now with your amazing revelation that you had concerning it.  It made so much sense as I read your account of how they wanted to know why His disciples didn't fast and that their real question was hidden.  And how Jesus knew their real question and answered that instead.  It really reveals how the Lord knows what is in our heart -- much more than we even do, and answers the real cry/questions of our hearts as he knows our motives.
Fascinating study, amazing insight that you had on this scripture.
Thank you so much for sharing it !!  I will never forget it...
also, I was one that was "unchurched" when I was saved in 1972.... and I didn't have to be "retaught" as you said in your description.
Blessings to all doves..
Cheryl G.