Charles (8 Apr 2013)
"Watch so you see the narrow road"


Jesus commanded his servants to watch. Most people are not watchimg god Jesus to come back. The average Chrudtisns attitude is non biblical they are cavalier and say hey if He comes  He comes we should focus on telling people the good news Jesus died for them.

A pastor told me this. Ok so I tell others to watch and read the bible verse to them and they are like your just swirling in your head about this stuff because its what you focus on. Ie I see Jesus coming back soon because I am watchimg for Him to come back (my wife, family, friends).

What I am sure the pastor read the bible at least on Sunday and most of my family although RC orthodox UMC Lutheran add here do not regularly,

The point two diverse groups both believers neither watchimg but is this biblical? Is it wise?

Jesus said to watch He commanded us to that if we said his sevente that He was delaying His coming ( ever hear someone you tried to warn about the rapture say oh we don't know He could be another thousand years)! What bible did they read? Rhetorical!

Most Christians are taught to not read the Old Testament. It's dead they are told really. Half of Gods word? Then most chop out revelations really.

Revelations says if you add or take away not good those who read that epistle and take here to it ie believe it and take it literally died for word are blessed. Why because they will begin watching for a savior to escape what's coming to warn others to seek Gold tried in the fire to seek a white robe from Jesus to wash their eyes out to stop hanging with jezabel to see Jesus as the refining fire and fullers soap.

It is estimated most children when they grow up 90% abandon their belief or childhood convictions and adopt a worldview. Sure thousands of hours of secular education and tv and their worldly friends and maybe an hour in Sunday school making paper cutouts.

In fact lets say 30 million vote with a gods eye view. Pew surveys show 1% of this country where 75% confess some form of professed Christianity many because they were born to Christian parents maybe 40% practice. 1% try to live abide in the word and put it into their lives.

Maybe 10% of that 1% are watching lets say 300,000 are actively watching I hope a lot more but seems like not how many of you have people walk up to you and warn the rapture is coming? Point made.

The fact is I am not judgri g nor mean to simy I am warning about the narrow path. I had a dream where there was this little path called the valley of decision to the left was the world our jobs, families, our desires, entertainment etc. To the right was ourselves our wisdom pride knowledge plans.

In the middle was this narrow little path it led to the top of a high mountain and those reaching the summit where raising their hands up to be Yemen up in a whirlwind.

The valley of decision is are you going to listen to the word your wisdom or listen for Jesus voice to follow Him home. It's a life long path. God said if you call upon Him pass the rest of your sojourning here in fear. To work out your salvation in fear and trembling. The apostles said knowing the fear of The Lord that judgement was coming they seeked to live for Jesus and warn others. To walk I. The light gods word is a lamp unto our feet. It's First John that says if we say we know Him but walk in the darkness of this worlds wisdom we lie and the truth is not in us. But if we walk in the light as He is then His blood is able to clean us from all unrightousness.

Quench not the spirit despise not prophecy pray without ceasing. How by abiding walking in the spirit with our mind serving God while our boby walks here though our job with our families etc. Jesus told the man let the dead bury the dead come follow the living., Thats how important this is. Basically He said let your perishing family and friends bury your dead dad and lay down your life lock up my Cross and follow me now put on eternal life.

That's the narrow path. It's Sunday morning I am typing this instead of bring with my family. I am terribly desperately in need of a savior we all are and a lLord. Because we died to Adam only by Christ are we alive.

Jesus said if He finds those servants saying He delays lets party and drink with the drunken yes he means wings and beer every Friday. Yes he means throwing down a few bottles of wine with friends when the kids are away.

He says if they begin to beat the men and maiden servants. Have you lost it on a teenage retail clerk lately? An underling at work? And are not watchimg I will appoint their portion with the hypocrites with outer darkness and weeping and g saying of teeth.

Say hello to the wide road above. These are servants He says those faithful servants He finds watchimg He will sup with them and they with Him He will serve them where at the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Get it if we are watching and reading His word seeking by faith and grace to walk in it. If we hate this world and are looking up to go home the Holy Spirit is guiding us to hear Jesus and follow.

If we are more focused on soccer games tv our plans we miss the eight hundred pound elephant He's coming to remove His eke r then tribulation and the signs are here. The old tests net says when the flesh Israel is reborn the last Generationis here! That's almost 65 years ago. A man loved 70 maybe 80 years! Ok

Get it. It's not us that saves us by our no le deeds but we are saved by grace through an active faith. Watch and wait and pray that we may be accounted worthy to escape what's coming.

We have a world where colleges are telling students to write Jesus on paper and stomp Him. Where churches are saying the Old Testament is dead and revelations has been fulfilled! Huh

No wonder those who rely o nybs world or thier fellows or pastor for truth and don't read the bible studying because the spirit convicts them to look and leads them to truth think watching is crazy.

They have been trained not to.

I have seen on rapture sites recently the claim all will go that believe. Notice Jesus was talking to saved servants when He said He was coming for those watching waiting praying a ready bride of wise virgins.

If you understand we are the last generation and that Jesus is only coming like a thief to the world and He will call His sheep and they will hear Him its crazy not to be shutting every other noise out and listening for His voice.

But behold my people perish for lack of knowledge. An entire generation of Christians have been trained to dismiss the rapture not watch be purpose driven and live the abundant life. Let the dead bury the dead come follow the living.

Time is short read about the bones o. The flesh in eziekial read about Jesus commands to watch. Am I wrong? Read revelations about the command to persevere and overcome and be faithful who were the faithful serfs ye those who heeded the command to watch.

I was called justified and through the Holy Spirit and Gods word being sanctified and redeemed led by the light unto my feet. Salvation is a work of God running the race is our faithful response to the gift. Running the race the narrow path leads to escaping the time of trouble.

The world sees what's coming but get don't come t it to the truth if the bible of gods judge beg of a world dead in vanity that came upon it decay and death is the sting of sin seperation from God. God is life and light. Apart from the light we. Are In darkness.

They will believe its the physical causes not the spiritual. Fleeing to The Lord now walking the narrow path is the valley of decision. Come out of her my people and share not of her plagues. Can it be any more clear. Run from the world Jesus is waiting open arms.