Charles (30 Apr 2013)
"I seek to persuade men"


The apostle Paul said knowing the fear of The Lord we seek to persuade men. The bible says fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom but scoffers despise instruction!

I awake today the day Noah entered the ark to see a news story that stealth bombers are dropping leaflets on NK saying prepare for sn attack? Poking a stick in a hornets nest? A counter story says the NK is making threats while they plan drills? Playing chicken or whack a mole?

And the world goes on because it thinks all things will just go on they can go to largemart and burger place and get their four dollar gas and go.

But the fact is one day in one hour that ark door will shut grace and the free offer of mercy that is out there goes away.

But The Lord looked upon them who feared them and thought of His words to remember to do them and thought upon His name. And He said I will spare them in the day and pluck them they shall be My Gems and He wrote a books of rememberance of those that did this!

Unto them will the sun of rightousness arise and you shall go out as calfs into the pasture.

The wicked will be as chaff in the wind the bible says!

I awake to the news no one else seems to read too depressing and think of how we had a sunny Saturday finally and for a few moments I got to feel like a calf and be joyful.

But I wake to the verse the fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  I fear that the world us saying good is evil and evil is good. I fear The Lord is coming to judge. I truly think that was the beginning of my wisdom.

But I see among those not watching for the rapture not praying they go a lack of fear even a scoffing of those watching and those warning and those praying for mercy. I need the Lords mercy every second to breathe!

The churches don't instruct in the rapture as a blessed hope. It would point to judgement of the world and people being held accountable for every word they say.

The bible says the wicked do evil saying no one will see no good or bad will God do. Mark twain said do no wrong thing when someone is looking.

The point is God is always looking. He is writing a book to remember those fearing Him unto wisdom to ponder His words to to them and talk among themselves to encourage each other as they watch Him coming.

He is letting the world who chooses to not retain the truth of Him or seek His ways go along their merry way as judgement and tribulation come like a net ever closer!

The bible says Lord I trust in You let me not be ashamed let them be ashamed who transgress without cause. My eyes are ever upon You for You will pluck my feet out if the net,

If reading the news does not have you looking up and working out your salvation in fear and trembling then I suggest you start reading the news and calling on The Lord while He may be found and read His word in a KJV bible first then if you like compare.

Fearing The Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The wisdom of this world will come to nothing those that do the will of The Lord abide forever!

That's foolish to the world fearing The Lord is foolish to most of today's Christians to me its the beginning of Wisdom that causes me to call upon Him to trust in His Son Jesus name to come here and ponder His word with others encouraging as we see the day approach its the beginning of wisdom.

What of those that say perfect love casts our fear? It's amazing how most know three or four bible verses and can use them to shoot down we need to watch for the rapture we can know the season if we are in the light and we need to pick up our cross and follow Jesus and to fear The Lord.

When you answer with a verse that refutes their argument they end the conversation?

Well the fear of the world is unto death the fear of The Lord leads to repentance not to be repented of which leads to justification sanctification redemption and holiness which allows us to walk in perfect love not again receiving a spirit of fear but of adoption saying Abba Father!

Perfect Love loving The Lord with all our heart and others as self! On this hangs all the law and prophets. Salvation is a race to be run to the finish we have to start the race to be in it and run it to finish.

Fear is the beginning of wisdom it is the starting gun that leads us to seek The Lord and mercy and grace and we work out our salvation in fear and trembling and run the race Jesus ran to go home!