Carol Ann (8 Apr 2013)
"prayer for Spencer"


Hi Cinda,

I prayed for Spencer.  I prayed that either God would heal him immediately or God would show the vets what's causing the pain and guide their treatment to heal him.

God does heal pets.  When I was a "new" Christian, I was going to a church that believed in miraculous healing. My dog Zach was suffering from a terrible skin disorder.  The doctors put him on a treatment of antibiotics, shots that I was to administer every week for the rest of his life, and some other medication. But he was only getting worse.  

 Then I remembered what I was learning in church.  If the power of prayer worked for us, surely prayer would work for our beloved pets.  I laid hands on him that night, anointed his head with oil, and prayed.  As God is my witness, Zach healed instantly that night and never had a problem with the disorder again. He was 2 when God healed him...and he lived until he was 15.

We never know God's plan for any of us or those we love until it happens.  But we do know that God loves you, me...and Spencer! And I'll keep praying!

God bless you!
Carol Ann