Barry Amundsen (19 Apr 2013)
"Michael, example from my life of witnessing wrong then right"
Hi Michael,
I'm hoping that's a good "WOW" because you agree with me.
I'd like to give the following example of what I mean:
A man I work with had a Christian roommate in the past who used to "witness" to him a lot until this man became completely hardened to the gospel. While on a camping trip with him, my wife and I had plenty of opportunity to share the gospel with him and when the subject came up it quickly devolved into an argument with all the predictable points and counterpoints touched on and ended completely un-fruitful and we were so disappointed. He was "New Age" in his beliefs and I was operating under the assumption that he just didn't understand yet what the true gospel is and that once he heard it, it would soften him toward it but when I finally was able to completely spell it out to him his response was "Spoken like a true Christian!"
At that point, I knew that he knew the gospel message, but just didn't believe or receive it. We finally gave up on this tactic and never again tried to witness this way to him. Instead, we heard the Holy Spirit say just to live the gospel and let our light shine and allow the Holy Spirit the chance to do the convicting. Well in the course of time, this man's life began to go down hill and he began having demonic visitations in his room at night which frightened him out of his wits and he began staying with us rather than go home because he said the only place he finds relief and safety and comfort and love is our place. We accepted him as long as he wanted to stay and shared whatever the Holy Spirit was telling us to share and he said everything we say comes true and he knew we could not be making this up. He finally came to us on a day that God told my wife in the morning "Remember this day" (June 6th 2009) and that evening after our work was done and we were alone with him, he asked us to pray with him to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior.
So it wasn't our skill with the sword that won this brother to the Lord, but God's skill with His own sword that took out the enemy and allowed this wounded man to be rescued from the enemy whom this man became able to see was indeed an enemy and liar while the Christian God is the true, loving Father. He now attends church at David Jeremiah's church in So California with his then girlfriend now wife who he was broke up with back when this all was happening and was part of his life troubles. We were instrumental in getting them back together as we waited on God to tell us what to tell him etc. We sang at their wedding...