Amy VanGerpen (28 Apr 2013)
"Revelation 6 Commentary"


Howdy Doves,

After many detours and road blocks, I have FINALLY completed my commentary for Revelation 6.

Here are some items in this study to pique your interest:

* Patterns in the numbers "7" and "4"
* Parallels between the Seals and the "Gog and Magog War"
* Why the 5th Seal is not judgment on God's saints
* The science behind the cosmic disturbances in the 6th Seal
* Why none of the Seals have been broken yet

For those who may have missed it, the introduction to this study is in the book of Zechariah and is found in the following link:

Please pray for me as I continue on with this project.  With all that has happened over the winter, I am convinced the enemy is working against me on this.